Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves

This is a quick video.  I was on my way out the door and forgot to put some info about these gloves in the video so I'll post them here.

Great for the upcoming fall and winter weather, these gloves or mitts are made with two stands of Caron One Pound yarn in the color "Soft Grey".  I didn't get the measurements but I believe they are in the original video tutorial. The circumference around the Women's gloves actually make these more of a tween or teen size glove where the circumference around the Men's gloves make these more of Men and Women's size gloves and you can make these bigger for me by chaining 20 for men or any multiples of 2.  You can also make these children sizes again by chaining multiples of 2, just be sure to measure the circumference of your child's hand and wrist to get the correct size.    Video and pattern links are below.


How To Crochet Women's Chunky Mitts by Fiber Flux:

How To Crochet Men's Chunky Mitts by Fiber Flux:

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