No Video Crafts

No Video Crafts

So most of my crafts whether they are crochet items, paintings, matchstick art etc. have videos but in the early days long before starting the social media sites I was making crafts and just taking pictures of them.  So here are those crafts I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.


Christmas Candles

These Christmas Candles were so easy to make, I just took some tape and wrapped the around the candles in a spiral pattern.  I then took mod podge or you could just use any Elmer's glue and  put is on the parts of the candle that wasn't covered with the tape and then sprinkled them with glitter, and then pulled the tape off and set the candles in candle holders to finish drying.


Even since it's been years since I've done my Matchstick Art, it started with wanting a Christmas Village.  Since the store bought ones are so expensive I set out to make one for myself using matchsticks.  I've always been intrigued with Matchstick Art, so I thought I'd give it a try.  Each of these four villages have a lot of the same style of buildings in them, but there are one of two buildings different in each one and they are all painted different colors.  I also made some log cabin ones using bamboo skewers for the logs.  

Earth tone Christmas Village
Bright Christmas Village
Small Christmas Village
My First Christmas Village
My Second Christmas Village


Most of these are candle holders I made in different styles.  Most of them is made with stuff I already had on hand, and what I didn't have on hand I went and got down at my local dollar store.  As you can see I love Autumn and geared my crafting so I could add it to my decor. I also made some really cute Halloween stuff as well.

Fall Candle
Another Fall Candle
Autumn Arrangement
More Fall Candles
Homemade Candle Holder
Repurposed Night Light
Repurposed Candle Holder with Cinnamon Sticks
Repurposed Dollar Store Pumpkins
Autumn Mason Jar Candle Holders
Homestyle Candle Decor
Jar Ghosts
Candy Corn Candle Decor
Halloween Candles

Crocheted Blankets with no Video:

Crystal Wave Blanket
Flower and Clouds Blanket
Loom Knit Blanket
Loom Knit Blanket
Velvet Tulip Stitch Blanket
Which Way Blanket

DIY Creations:

Homemade Spa Items
Homemade Sleep Lotion
Sugar Scrub Soap Bars
Lotion Bars