Fan & Feather Stitch Blanket Is Finished!!!

This blanket pattern comes from Glenda at Creative Grandma. I’ve posted links to her Stitch of the Week and Blanket patterns for this blanket below:

My video of this completed blanket:

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Fan and Feathers Stitch:

Fan and Feather Stitch Blanket:

The Simply Textured Blanket Is Finished

I have finished the Simply Textured Blanket. This pattern came from Mikey at Crochet Crowd. I want to thank Mikey for providing such a beautiful blanket tutorial. It took me seven days to make.  Is made with Red Heart Super Saver yarns in Spring Green and Soft White.  It measures 40″x44″.

This blanket is so fun and easy to make. It’s a perfect for the beginner crocheter or the seasoned pro. This pattern comes from Mikey at The Crochet Crowd. Thank you Mikey for providing such a great pattern tutorial. I’ve provided link to her pattern below:

My Bitchute Channel:

Crochet Crinkle Stitch – Blanket:

The video for the blanket is below:

The Jacob’s Ladder Blanket

This blanket pattern comes from Creative Grandma on Youtube. She calls it Babies First Christmas Blanket and I’ve provided the link to her pattern below:

Baby’s First Christmas Afghan –

My Bitchute Channel:

As promised here’s the video for the Jacob’s Ladder Baby Blanket. Click the link below to see:

Barnaby Stitch Granny Square Blanket

I just finished the Barnaby Stitch Granny Square Blanket. It took me six days of continual to make and is 44″x44″ Square. When I made the Granny Square Mosaic Blanket this pattern was one of the squares in it. I liked it so much I wanted to make a much bigger blanket using this stitch. This is the finished product.

This little beauty is another granny square pattern that comes from Nadia at Yarnutopia 365 days of Granny Squares #129. The edging is block edging that is done by Bella Coco. Thank you Nadia and Bella Coco for providing such a great pattern tutorials. I’ve provided a link to their videos below:

365 Days of Granny Squares Number 129:

Block Edging:

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I’ve posted the video below: