The Ivory Moss-HDC Rectangle Blanket Is Finished!!!

The Ivory Moss-HDC Rectangle Blanket Is Finished!!! It is my own creation. I am so proud of this one. It’ s also the first blanket I’ve written a pattern for. I’ve posted links for the pattern in this post for those of you who want it.  I’ve also put  the video for this blanket below.  I’ve also posted a video for  the completed blanket  below:

Bitchute Channel:

Completed Blanket Video Below:

Written Pattern For The Moss Stitch Half Double Crochet Rectangle Blanket

Materials you will need:

– Any yarn of your choosing, I recommend any yarn ranging from Medium 4 worsted weight yarn to bulky or super bulky weight yarn. If making a baby blanket baby yarn is acceptable as well, but I’d personally stick with medium 4 worsted weight yarn.

– Scissors

– Yarn needle

– Crochet Hook ( use the size hook recommended on your yarn label). I used an “ I “ ( 5.5mm) Hook.

Ch(s): chain(s)
St(s): Stitch(es)
Sl st: Slip Stitch

SC: Single Crochet

HDC: Half Double Crochet
Sk 1 st: Skip 1 Stitch

R1-12: Rows 1 – 12

R13-16: Rows 13 – 16


Ch 16 ( For Baby Blanket Size )

Ch 32 ( For Adult Blanket Size )

For rows 1-12: In second Ch from the hook SC, Ch 1 Sk 1 st. In next St SC, Ch 1. Repeat across row. In last St SC, Ch 2, SC, Ch 2. SC all in the same stitch to form the corner. To go across other side Ch 1 Sk 1 st, SC, Ch 1, Sk 1 st, SC in next st. Repeat across matching SC in previous row. In last st SC, Ch 2, SC and Sl st into Ch 2 corner space. Ch 1. Repeat for 12 rows

For rows 13-16: To start R13 HDC, Ch 2, HDC all in Ch 2 corner space, Ch 1. In Ch 1 space from previous row HDC, Ch 1. Repeat across putting a HDC, Ch 1 in each Ch 1 space from the previous row. All corners will have HDC, Ch 2, HDC, Ch 1. Do all the way around. Sl st into HDC at the start of the row to join. Sl st into Ch 2 corner space Ch 1 and turn your work. Repeat R13 for three rows remembering to turn your work at the end of each row. ( Do this for R13-16 only).

Repeat R1-12 then R13-16 to whatever size blanket you want it to be. For an adult size lapghan I like mine to be approximately 35”x 45”.

***This pattern is my own pattern at Oregon Craft Girl. ***This pattern is copyright Oregon Craft Girl© It took a lot of time and work, and I would really like to have it remain “my pattern”.

***You can sell anything you make from my patterns, please just give Oregon Craft Girl the credit for this pattern, Thanks!!! This is designed by Oregon Craft Girl.

Lemon Stitch Blanket Is Finished

I just finished making the Lemon Stitch blanket. This blanket pattern comes from Mikey and Jeanie at The Crochet Crowd. In case you want to make the beautiful blanket, I’ve provided a link to their how to video below.

Bitchute Channel:

Crochet Lemon Peel Stitch – Blanket:

I’ve posted the video for this blanket below: