The Jacob’s Ladder Blanket

This blanket pattern comes from Creative Grandma on Youtube. She calls it Babies First Christmas Blanket and I’ve provided the link to her pattern below:

Baby’s First Christmas Afghan –

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As promised here’s the video for the Jacob’s Ladder Baby Blanket. Click the link below to see:

Barnaby Stitch Granny Square Blanket

I just finished the Barnaby Stitch Granny Square Blanket. It took me six days of continual to make and is 44″x44″ Square. When I made the Granny Square Mosaic Blanket this pattern was one of the squares in it. I liked it so much I wanted to make a much bigger blanket using this stitch. This is the finished product.

This little beauty is another granny square pattern that comes from Nadia at Yarnutopia 365 days of Granny Squares #129. The edging is block edging that is done by Bella Coco. Thank you Nadia and Bella Coco for providing such a great pattern tutorials. I’ve provided a link to their videos below:

365 Days of Granny Squares Number 129:

Block Edging:

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I’ve posted the video below: