Wiggles and Giggles Blanket

I have a new blanket to show you all. This pattern comes from Nadia at Yarnutopia. I used a different border than what she uses in her video, I just wanted something simple to showcase the zigzag pattern in this blanket.

The video for this blanket is posted below:

I’ve provided the link to this pattern below.

How To Crochet Tutorial: Wiggles & Giggles Crocheted Baby Blanket by YARNutopia:

The Waffle V Stitch Blanket

This blanket has turned out to be one of my favorites because of how striking the blue is. This stitch is reversible. I’ve provided links to this pattern for the body and the border of this blanket below.

The link to the video about this blanket is below:

V-Stitch Waffle (AKA United Stitch): Just Another Crochet Along:

Stitch of the Week #54 Reversible V Stitch – Crochet Tutorial:

Simple Crochet: Lacy Moss Stitch Border (easy & pretty!):

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Lilac Striped Blanket

Finished this blanket last night. Sorry about the bad lighting but the closeups show the true color of the blanket. The pattern comes from Daisy Farm Crafts and I’ve provided a link to the pattern below. The Yarn I used is Caron One Pound in the colors Lilac and White.

Crochet Star Baby Blanket \\ Blanket and Border by Daisy Farm Crafts:

The Video for this blanket is below:

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Midnight Primrose Blanket

I call this blanket the Midnight Primrose Blanket. This blanket measures 42 1/2″x48 1/2″. The yarn I used was Caron One Pound in the colors Dark Grey and Soft Grey, Red Heart Super Saver in the color Heather Grey ( Which the only medium grey yarn I had). I made this using the Primrose Stitch for both the body of the blanket and the border. The Body of the Blanket is the basic Primrose Stitch which comes from lots of different video tutorials including Creative Grandma. The border pattern comes from Craft and Crochet and I’ve posted a link to her pattern below:

Easy crochet baby blanket/crochet blanket/craft & crochet 1602 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfXavCdWlf8

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My Video for this Blanket is Below: